Three Benefits of Flaked Epoxy Flooring

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When it comes to choosing the type of flooring you want for your residential or commercial space, you have many different options to choose from.  When choosing, you will want to consider the many benefits, appeals, and maintenance requirements for each option.

Three Benefits of Flaked Epoxy Flooring

One option for flooring that is worth considering is flaked epoxy flooring. Here are three of the many benefits it has to offer for your space:

  1. Aesthetically appealing: Flaked epoxy flooring is a little more exciting than your basic epoxy flooring because it not only adds a glossy layer to your concrete floors, but also adds bold specks of color and texture to otherwise uninteresting floors.
  2. Highly durable and low maintenance: Another benefit of flaked epoxy flooring is its high durability and slip resistance. The flaked epoxy coating allows for extra durability for your floors that protects them from spills, stains, cracks, and erosion. This also makes your flooring very easy to clean with nothing more than a broom and the occasional wet mop.
  3. Easily hidden blemishes: One of the best benefits of flaked epoxy flooring is that it can easily mask or hide any imperfection or unevenness in your concrete flooring. You’ll be so busy admiring the beauty of your newly speckled floors that you won’t even notice the old blemish that is completely covered.

Flaked epoxy flooring is an inexpensive option and easily customizable to your liking. Contact us today at Patriot Concrete Coatings if you would like to learn more.