Where to Consider Installing Polyaspartic Flooring.

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Polyaspartic flooring is similar to epoxy flooring in that it is a durable coating that is typically applied on top of concrete floors. However, it is different in that it offers more durability, flexibility, and a few other benefits as it seals the concrete against moisture and corrosion.

Where to Consider Installing Polyaspartic Flooring.

While this material is typically used in industrial purposes to protect from heavy wear and impact, like ships, trains, and bridges, it can also be used as a flooring option. Here are a few places where you might consider installing polyaspartic flooring:

  • Garage floors: In the case of garage floors, polyaspartic flooring is a great solution for both residential and commercial garages. It’s highly durable, stain resistant, and can withstand the great amounts of wear and tear in a garage that you might use as a workshop. The coating also makes the floor look a little more appealing than basic concrete flooring.
  • Restaurants: Polyaspartic flooring is also a great option for restaurants because it is slip-resistant, easy to clean, and aesthetically appealing. It can also handle high amounts of foot traffic before wearing down.
  • Warehouses: You could also consider placing polyaspartic flooring in a warehouse setting where you need highly durable flooring that can also withstand the weight and pressure of any amount of equipment, shelving, or crates while still being resistant to cracks, staining, or other noticeable damage.

Polyaspartic flooring can be a great addition to any space where you need durable, sleek, low-maintenance, and long-lasting flooring. Contact us today at Patriot Concrete Coatings if you would like to learn more.